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JSC “Electroprivod”

Design bureau JSC “Electroprivod” was founded on August 25, 1955 as branch of Moscow aggregate factory “Dzerzhinets”. In 1989 it was become the independent  enterprise and with 1993 is open joint stock company. It is a leading designing enterprise of aviation electrotechnical equipment.     In half-a-century of our activity we have created over 1500 articles used in all types of home-built airplanes and helicopters flying in Russia and the CIS. More than 200 articles were inculcated to serial production at factories in the cities of Kirov, Kirovo-Chepetsk, Kizlyar, Kursk, Saratov and Tyumen.

JSC “Electroprivod” is:

  • scientific and technical complex with unique experimental base and highly-qualified specialists and designers who've introduced advanced computer technologies;
  • industrial complex providing for manufacturing of experimental specimens and small-scale production;
  • economical complex including the planning and functional support divisions.

At present, JSC “Electroprivod” designs, manufactures and repairs:

  • aircraft program control electromechanical complexes and systems of various functional purposes and principles of operation with wide range output characteristics and their components:
    • electric mechanisms of rotary, translational and swinging motion;
    • electric motors of all types and voltages;
    • control blocks, sensors and limit switches;
  • board systems of generation;
  • electro-automatic equipment for aircraft engine start-up and control;
  • electric drives used in automated control and regulation systems of oil & gas industry, in technologic processes of non-ferrous metallurgy, in food industry, in atomic power energetics, in surgery, in electric vehicles and in electric tools;
  • electric starters for start of gas turbine;
  • DC and AC electric motors, stepping motors, brushless motors of industrial voltages;
  • aggregates for manufacturing of fuel and fodder briquettes;
  • gearless low-speed electric generators and electric motors.

Manufactured articles are exhibited in the Russian and International exhibitions. Products are favoured with the Diplomas and the positive references. 

JSC “Electroprivod” received by the licenses to carryout design, production and repair of aviation hardware, including dual-use one, weapons and military equipment, compliance certificate for its quality control system and certificate of its accreditation as a scientific organization.


The stockholders meeting of the open JSC "Electroprivod" confirmed 26.05.2011.        

At the meeting Dmitriy Vladimirovich Konyshev is selected by the new general director.


The design-engineer Konstantin Dmitrievich Gryazev has become by the winner of the regional competition «The best regarding craft» 2011 in nomination «The best young designer regarding circuitry». He is recommended on graduation of bonus for holdup of talent young people in frames of the national program «Education».


The Open JSC "Electroprivod" has received certificate of conformity № РОСС RU.НО06.В00512 upon the electric starters СТВД-25Д-9000, СТВД-30Д-11Т, СТВД-25Д-10Т with marking of the electric motor's implosion protection IExdIIAT3 regarding ГОСТ Р 51330.0-99. Validity of the certificate is with 05.05.2011 up to 04.05. 2014.


General director S.B.Obukhov, chief designer V.A. Bakulin and key staff of the Open JSC "Electroprivod"became a party to the exit technical conference with chief designers I.V.Maximov, M.F. Khayrullin and specialists of the Open JSC «Aviadvigatel» in cityPerm.

            Prompts of cooperation by development of the electricdrive and contactless switches for aircraft engine of new generation ПД-14; minimization of the mass andouter dimensions parameters of articles, which were applied on the aircraftengines ПС-90А2, ПС-90А3; development of the electric start systems for the newgas-turbine units with power 32,34 MW were discussed at the technicalconference.     


Project manager Elena Vladimirovna Volokitina has became the conqueror of the All-Russian competition «Year engineer» in nomination «Electrotechnics».

 She has been awarded by The Laureate Diploma,the commemorative medal «Competition laureate» and the badge «Russian occupational engineer».


The article «Innovations and modernization on the OpenJSC "Electroprivod" (author A.V. Novoselova)  is placed on the site in section “Thearticles about company”.


 ! The successful tests of the first engine НК-38СТ with the electrical startsystem in composition СТЭ-18СТ-361-1 and БУС-18СТ-361-1 have taken on the OpenJSC “Kazan motorbuilding production association”

   Thedeveloping and making by the Open JSC “Electroprivod” electrical start systemhas ensured operation of the engine НК-38СТ on regimes: dry motoring, hotstart, gas-air flow duct washing.

Comments to operation are not. 


 Company management of the Open JSC"Electroprivod" determines the work by manufacture modernization anddevelopment how the important perspective direction in company's activities.

 For realizationof practical tasks by this direction changes are made in company's structureand position deputy general manager by manufacture modernization anddevelopment is introduced on which is assigned Dmitry Vladimirovich Konyshev


    Thegas-turbine power station with the three power-generation units on base ofengines НК-16-18СТ has been implemented in the town Uralsk, RepublicKazakhstan.

     Themanufactured by Open JSC "Electroprivod" electric start systems havebeen set on the engines НК-16-18СТ.


The Scientific and technical Council of the Open JSC"Electroprivod" has considered and approved the Draft proposal on thegeneration and start system of a mid-flight engine for “entirely electricalaircraft”.


The article “Anniversary "Electroprivod".(author S.B. Obuhov) has been written for the magazine “Aerospace courier”,2010, № 3-4 


The article “In the approach to 55 years anniversaryof the Open JSC "Electroprivod". About cooperation with theenterprises of the oil and gas complex“ (authors S.B. Obuhov, O.I. Ovechkin,Y.R. Tuev) has been written for the magazine “Oil & Gas Magazine”, 2010, №2 


The assembling and precommissioning work of themanufacturing on the Open JSC "Electroprivod" electric start systemsfor the gas turbine plants are being been under way in the town Uralsk,Republic Kazakhstan, on the gas-turbine power station with three gas-turbineengines НК-16-18СТ. The electric start systems are from the electricstarter СТЭ-18СТ and control unit БУС-18СТ.



The designed and manufactured by open JSC“ELECTROPRIVOD” series ДБМ of  thebrushless electric motors were mounted to the robot TUR 15.

The robot TUR 15 was designed by the specialistsof  PTOO JSC ''AVTOVAZ'' under the State design “Designing and launching theproduction of universal technological robots gamma for mass automatedoperations of civil machine building production”.

The domestic brushless electric motors ensuredfulfilment of the robot test programme in corpore .

At present the electric motors are examined forcompliance to technical task.


The parameters series of thebrushless electricmotors ДБМ has been developed on JSC"Electroprivod". The parametersseries contains 7 part type of theelectric motors with drive torque from 1,1to 36 N•m.

 The electricmotors fulfill requirements ofactuators for universal technological robots, as well as metal-working,woodworking, technological, either machinery.

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