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The commutation unit is intended for amplification of control signals by electric aggregates according to signals with aircraft, engine and engine regulator РЭД-90А. The unit ensures idling of engine, starting of engine on land and in air according to signals of hand control.  

The commutation unit enters in set of automatic control system САУ of engines ПС-90А, ПС-90А-76. It is placed on engine directly.

The unit is right-angled parallelepiped. It consists of cast bottom and cover. Elements of scheme are disposed inside bottom. On front wall of bottom there are placed connectors of type СНЦ for connection of the unit to РЭД, engine and object. There is check connector. On front wall there is metallization tap for earthing of unit on object.  The unit is fulfilled in sealed design. For protection from mechanical operating factors the unit is seated on dampers of type АПНМ.

Basic technical characteristics

Supply voltage of direct current according ГОСТ 19705-89

27 V

Range of supply voltage of direct current

24 - 29,4 V

Utilized current without accounting of external loads

no more 5 A

Quantity of output commands


Commutation current of output commands

0,05 - 5,0 A

Ambient temperature

От -60 до +80 оС

Mass, kg

no more 5

Overall dimensions without dampers, mm


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