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  • ДБ32-25-12 – brushless dc motor
  • КВД-25МВ – electron commutator


Dc supply voltage

27 V

Maximum power

50 W

Nominal moment

19,6 mH•m (200 gf•cm)

Rotation frequency

12000 rpm

Electromechanic constant

t=0,01 sec

Operating conditions

Continuous rating and intermittent service, in depending from power

Mass: ДБ32-25-12

0,16 kg


0,7 kg


The brushless dc motor ensures:

-      switching on and switching off;

-      reversible rotation;

-      dynamic braking;

-      control of rotation frequency.

    The brushless dc motor is applied in automatized electric drives on aircrafts

Tu-204, IL-96-300, MIG-31, An-70 and agricultural aviation.

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