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The resistor unit is intended for presentation of proportional to rotation power shaft angle four electric signals. The resistor unit is used in different control systems.

The unit has small overall dimensions and mass. The unit is universal, vibration-proof, simple in service and reliability in exploitation.

The unit ensures:

  • According to linear law change of output electric signal voltage by rotation power shaft,
  • High-precision regulation of output electric value signals voltage in groups of two signals,
  • Capability of docking with limit switch mechanism МКВ-48К for presentation of end (intermediate) position discrete signals.

Basic technical characteristics

Rated supply voltage dc of resistors, V


Load current in circuit of each resistor slide, no more, A


Quantity of resistors (2 resistors СП4-8-2-а, R = 1 кОm)


Rotation angle of power shaft, no more, degree


Rotation frequency of power shaft, min-1

0,35 – 50

Maximum range of forming each resistor output voltage, V

0,5 - 12

Mass, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm

91 х 60 х 54


all climatic

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