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The mechanism is intended for operation in different control systems and serves for switching-on and switching-off four electric circuits in dependency from output shaft position.

The mechanism has small overall dimensions and mass. The mechanism is universal, vibration-proof, simple in service and reliability in exploitation.

The mechanism ensures:

  • Switching of built-in microswitches in groups of two from each cam,
  • High-precision regulation of switching cyclogram,
  • Capability of docking the additional mechanisms МКВ-48К for increase of commutating circuit quantity,
  • Capability of docking with resistor unit БР-48К in property of angle position sensor.

Basic technical characteristics
Rated voltage dc of commutating circuit, V


Commutating by microswitches current, А

0,01 – 2,0

Quantity of microswitches


Rotation angle of power shaft, no more, degree


Rotation frequency of power shaft, min-1

0,33 – 50

Mass, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm

93 х 73 х 50


all climatic

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