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The electromechanism is intended for displacement of aircraft containers and pans in baggage-cargo premises of objects.

By switching-on the electromechanism roller is raised to stop in container bottom (pan) and begin to rotate. Displacement of container (pan) is result of frictional force between surface of roller and container bottom (pan). By switching off the electromechanism roller lowers.

A built-in limited clutch switches off the electromechanism by overloading.

The electromechanism has small overall dimensions and mass, satisfies the contemporary requirements by external influence factors, technical standard and service life.

The electromechanism МК-204МА-1 differs from МК-204МА only that its connector locate on wire bundle.

Basic technical characteristics

Supply voltage, V

115/200V,400Hz, three phase

27 V, d.c. for control circuits

Tractive effort, N (kgs)


Linear speed on generating of roller by its rotation, m/sec


Lift of roller, mm


Mass, kg



all climatic

Overall dimensions, mm


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