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The rotary electromechanism МВ3,5Д25Д without limitation of output shaft rotation angle, two canals is intended for drive of flaps and stabilizer on aircraft Бе-200.

The electromechanism has built-in friction clutch, which is intended for protection of transmission and electric motors from overload, and built-in safe hand drive for system adjustment in ground conditions.

At de-energized state output shaft of the electromechanism is braked torque no less 54 N×m (5,5 kgf×m).

The electromechanism has small overall dimensions and mass, satisfies the contemporary requirements by external influence factors, technical standard and service life.

Basic technical characteristics

Kind of current

For feeding of electric motor

115/200 V, 400 Hz three-phase

For feeding of electromagnetic brakes and control circuits

27 V, d.c.

Load torque, N×m (kgf×m)

Rated counteracted

34,3 (3,5)

Maximum counteracted

44,1 (4,5)

Maximum helped

24,5 (2,5)

Torque on output shaft, restricted by limit moment clutch, N×m (kgf×m)

54-83,3 (5,5-8,5)

Rotation frequency of output shaft, at working two electric motors, at rated values of voltage and frequency in normal conditions, sec-1 (rpm)

At rated loading torque, no less

4,17 (250)

At maximum loading torque, no less

3,67 (220)

At maximum helped torque, no more

5,33 (320)

Mass, kg, no more


Overall dimensions, mm

284 х 230 х 112


all climatic

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