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The electromechanism МВТ3Д4-2 is intended for rotation of aerial fairing block  or other arrangements.

The electromechanism ensures:

          Smooth turn, rotary and smooth stop of aerial fairing block in a basic normal, basic decelerate and       auxiliary operating modes

  • Braking state of output shaft, when electric motors are de-energized;
  • Rotation of electromechanism output shaft in de-energized state from hand drive and operation safety by manual rotation, when electric power supply is switched on accidentally ;

The electromechanism has small overall dimensions and mass, is simple in operating, satisfies the contemporary requirements by external influence factors, technical standard and service life.

Kind of current

For feeding of electric motors

115/200V, 400Hz, three phase

For feeding of electromagnetic brakes and control circuits

27 V, d.c.

Nominal load torque, N×m (kgf×m)

294 (30)

Torque on output shaft, restricted by limit moment clutch, N×m (kgf×m)

539…980 (55…100)

Rotation frequency of output shaft, rpm

-in basic normal operating mode

-in auxiliary operating mode




Mass, kg


Overall dimensions, mm



all climatic

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