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The electromechanism МРП-96 is intended for regulation of ejection seats according to pilot height.

The electromechanism МРП-96 ensures rotary motion of output shaft on adjusted, limited by end micro switches number of revolutions.

Brushless direct-current, realized in integral design, motor ДБ50-50-7-Д12, is part of the electromechanism.

In de-energized state the electromechanism is broken.

The electromechanism has small overall dimensions and mass, satisfies the contemporary requirements by external influence factors, technical standard and service life.

Basic technical characteristics

Supply voltage dc, V


Load counteracted torque, N×m (kgf×m)

5,9±0,3 (0,60±0,03)

Rotation frequency of output shaft, at rated values of voltage, torque, in normal conditions, sec-1 (rpm)

1,0 (60)

Mass, kg, no more


Limited by end microswitches number of revolutions of output shaft

from 15 to 45 (it is adjusted by supplier)

Operating conditions



all climatic

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